Waterproof Sport Selfie Video Camera Camcorder 1080P

Waterproof Sport Selfie Video Camera Camcorder 1080P

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Battery capacity: 900MAH
Service time: 90mins
Output: USB2.0

1. Improperly sealing of this machine will cause damage to your machine. We will not be responsible for damage of water leakage problem caused by the user's improper use.
2. In wet or underwater environment, waterproof rubber in the waterproof shell box protects the machine, so you must keep the sealing rubber ring clean. Damage caused by hair, grains or sand can lead to product water leaking.
3. After using it in salt water, you need to use clean water to clean the exterior and sealing rubber of products and dry it each time. Otherwise, it will result in corrosion or the product is unable to be sealed, gradually the product will be damaged.
4. To use a memory card with this product for the first time, please connect the memory card to the computer to format. Formatting will permanently deletes all data stored on the card, including protected videos and pictures, and they can not be restored. Therefore, before formatting the card, please back up important data.
5. Keep the camera lens away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the camera's image sensor may be damaged.
6. When the machine is in abnormal situation due to improper operation, press the reset button and boot the machine, and then it can work normally.


1. While in camera / video mode, please do not continuously press the camera / video button. It is normal if the continuous pressing results in blank screen occurred, and you can wait for a few seconds or restart.
2. The package does not contain adapter for charger.

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