The Mosrepel Family Pack - 2 x Kids & 2x Adults

The Mosrepel Family Pack - 2 x Kids & 2x Adults

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Keep the whole family protected this summer!

The safest and best non-spray insect repellent bands suitable for kids and adults. Don't miss out on this exclusive family bundle kit.

Keep the family protected this summer with the best insect repellent for kids and adults in Australia.

Mosrepels are 100% natural, safe and deet-free mosquito insect repellent bracelets designed for all ages. We've got a range for adults, and small sized bands for children, kids and even toddlers. So if you're after the best and safest mozzie repellent pack for the whole family - you've found the best exclusive deal for non-spray insect protection to keep the Aussie bugs away.
With the active ingredient being all natural citronella - our mozzie bands are perfectly suitable for toddlers & kids with  the most sensitive skin.
Limited time offer includes:
2 x Mosrepels Adult Insect Repellent Bands - Adjustable sizes
2 x Mosrepels Kids Insect Repellent Bands - suitable for ages 3 up with adjustable bands. 
  • The best natural non-spray insect repellent protection bands in Australia
  • Safe Mosquito protection for children, toddlers, and adults
  • Exclusive once off promotional bundle = 2 x Kids & 2 x Adult bands
  • All bracelets are reuseable for over 180 hours (comes with a resealable bag to maintain freshness)
  • Made from Natural Citronella, 100 % DEET free, non-toxic
  • Proven effectiveness (by Taiwan National University)
  • Waterproof and not affected by sweat
  • Cost-effective way of protecting your family
  • Bracelets (adult and child size) are comfortable without any stickiness
  • packs contain 2 bracelets in various colours in a resealable bag
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years and up

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